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With over 20 years' experience in the procurement of aircraft parts, consumables, and tooling, the Team at Surplus Aero is here to make your buying tasks fast and efficient.

Our mission is to simplify the procurement process. Where other parts listing websites simply list all known vendors leaving buyers to trawl through them, and send multiple RFQs, then wait for responses (we have been there), Surplus Aero connects buyers directly with our network of approved, reliable suppliers through our easy to use the website. We offer a unique platform where you can take full control of the procurement process by ordering parts directly with them. Surplus Aero is a one-stop shop for buying with confidence and ease.

Consumables - The Nuts and Bolts!

Make purchasing long lists of consumable parts easy. Drop all your purchase orders straight with the supplier. We have carefully picked our partners to ensure you get the best product with the right certification.


Have an AOG or an urgent requirement? Surplus Aero allows you to order the part at a fixed price. If you feel like there is some room for negotiation it is easy to send the supplier an offer. Surplus Aero allows the buyer to view parts and check the certification. If you need our partners to assist you with shipping simply add it to the quote.


We identified that there are many maintenance facilities within the market that have surplus tooling available for rental or outright purchase.